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Enhance Your Reach by Digitalising Your Marketing Processes




Commercial Building in Klang Valley

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Millon Sq Ft of Commercial Space



Minutes to Create an Option List

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Potential Revenue Increase

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Streamline Your Marketing Efforts and Focus on Revenue-Generating Activities

Briq Bloq Market is your solution to maximising the visibility of your commercial property listings. Our platform empowers landlords to reach the right tenants quickly and efficiently, while brokers can focus on closing deals and driving revenue. With automated marketing processes and real-time, comprehensive data, Briq Bloq Market simplifies prospecting and maximizes your revenue potential. Experience the future of commercial real estate marketing with Briq Bloq Market.

Maximize Your Property's Visibility


Briq Bloq Market is designed to elevate your commercial real estate marketing efforts. Our platform enables landlords to increase the visibility of their vacancies, ensuring they reach the right tenants quickly and efficiently. With our innovative tools, you can showcase your properties to a broader audience and fill vacancies faster.

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Digitalise your space

Showcase your listings on Briq Bloq,
the only Commercial digital listings
site. Give brokers and prospects a
fully digital way to evaluate your

Showcase your Media

Include 3D virtual tours, high-res
videos and photos of spaces,
buildings and amenities.

Integrate Channels

Our digital content can be integrated easily with the channels you use today on your corporate website.

Ensure Accuracy

Directly input and amend
specifications of your buildings for brokers to pass on to future prospects. Allow yourself to take control of the actual information that your future prospects will see.

Dear Landlord,

Kelly Soo (REN 0123) from ABC Realty has proposed Menara Atlas, Level 18 - 10,000 sf & Level 29 - 11,000 sf to an Insurance Services company.

Kindly contact Kelly.

Keep yourself in the loop

Alerts are sent to you instantly, every time your spaces are sent to a prospect, giving you insight to the type of tenant looking at your space.

Click here to take a look at a Briq Bloq Option List:

Trusted by the Greatest

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Access a directory of buildings and create a option list in 3 simple steps


Agencies can now focus on what matters most—closing deals and generating revenue. Briq Bloq Market streamlines the marketing process, automating time-consuming tasks and providing comprehensive, real-time data. This allows brokers to spend less time on administrative work and more time on activities that drive business growth.

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Our powerful search tool allows you
input exactly what your Prospect is
You can search using multiple
locations, or by specific buildings
and key landmarks that are vital to your Prospect’s requirements.


Based on your prospect’s requirements, BB will produce a stacking plan for each building where you can visualise and select the most appropriate space. Once spaces have been selected, Briq Bloq makes it easy to review and compare options side by side with its interactive optionlist


Finally, click "Send" and your Prospect will instantly receive the
option list. The Landlords will also receive notification that their property has been of interest.
It’s as easy as that!

Business Meeting

"Briq Bloq has revolutionized our leasing operations through enabling us to create option lists within minutes, a process that used to take us half a day or so. This efficiency allows our team to focus on what truly matters—revenue generating activities. BriqBloq has since become an indispensable tool for our commercial real estate business."

Naythan Chong, Director

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