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Commercial Building Listings

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BRIQ BLOQ supports you in Inventory management allowing you to focus on revenue generating activities
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Create Interactive Option List in Minutes, Not Days

Step 1: SEARCH

Our powerful search capabilities allow you to filter down accurately current and future spaces based on your clients requirements. 

You can search for buildings, multiple locations and key landmarks that are vital to your prospects preferred location.

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Step 2: SELECT

Based on your prospects requirements, we produce a stacking plan where you are able to visualise the available space and select the spaces most suited for them. 

You can are able to review the buildings information, their locations and reorder them to recommendation before sending it to your prospect.

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Step 3: SEND

Once you are happy with what you have created, click "Send" and your prospect will receive the created option list.

Furthermore, landlords of the proposed spaces will receive an email sharing your details, the proposed space and the clients nature of business. 

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That's it! Your prospects will receive an accurate and interactive option list in minutes.

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Dear Landlord,

Kelly Soo (REN 0123) from ABC Realty has proposed Menara Atlas, Level 18 - 10,000 sf & Level 29 - 11,000 sf to an Insurance Services company.

Kindly contact Kelly.


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